Wiping a phone number

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Wiping the phone number from your CDMA device (Carrier Reset)

A carrier reset is almost always necessary if you're activating a device that's had a different phone number on it before. This reset sends your device's new information to the network so that you can get service. It can also be useful to run this reset if you're having trouble getting voice, text or data.

Before you start

In most cases, you'll need your device's unique Master Subsidy Lock code (MSL) so it's good to have that handy before you start. You can use Z3X to bypass MSL to be able to modify any setting. If your device doesn't prompt you for an MSL when you're running this reset, don't worry--it just means that it's not needed.

Android devices

  1. Disable Wi-Fi and enable data if needed*
  2. Go to the dial pad or phone app
  3. Enter # # 72786 # - do not tap the call icon or try to connect
  4. When prompted, enter your MSL
  5. Confirm the reset
  6. Allow the device to restart and go through the activation process

*Many LTE devices can perform a carrier reset over a Wi-Fi connection, but if it doesn't work for you, then go ahead and follow step one before trying your carrier reset again.