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Master Subsidiary Lock (MSL)

MSL is a special unlock code. With Z3X you are able to write that code into your phone and it can be unlocked.

Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) in the case of Samsung phones is the code that allows access to the engineering menu or service menu either to activate the UART - COM port or certain service modes on the phones so that it can carry out the security bypass process and then the sim unlock.

But you need to pay for MSL code in different services offered on the web because Z3X does not sell MSL codes.

In short, what the MSL does is reset the security of the phone in order to unlock it.

As soon as you enter this code through a box or software, you will only have to enter a generic code like 11111111, or 00000000, or 12345678.

When you have MSL code and the MSL code process supported on your device:

  1. connect your phone to the computer and start Samsung tool software.
  2. click to the MSL unlock button
  3. add the code and follow the instructions.

Samsung tool helps to bypass MSL to be able to modify any setting, such as have to write access to the EFS partition and repair IMEI/Unlock phonesnetwork, etc.