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Welcome to Z3X-team wiki!

We develop and support firmware and customization solutions for mobile devices used by professionals around the world.

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Useful and important links

  • Unlock phones
  • Re-partition device filesystem
  • Flash phones with firmware files
  • Repair function for unbricking devices
  • Read and write NVM
  • Activate or deactivate user lock
  • Read device and SIM lock status
  • Reset device and SIM lock status
  • Read codes on phone
  • Search and replace function in the editor

If you see a message "Could not connect to server"

If you see this message and cannot perform repair or unlock operations.

If you have a problem - SMARTCARD not detected/Program Damaged while running software.

  • Do you have another case?

See the full FAQ list.

  1. Installation and registration procedure
  2. Video instructions at youtube
  3. Service Support Forum
  4. Download Z3X Shell
  5. Z3X Free Downloads Chrome extension
  6. Where to buy