Z3X Replacement Smart-Card

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z3x replacement smart-card

Z3X replacement smart-card designated for replacement of your damaged Z3X smart-card.

You can order a replacement card from our official resellers and move all the activations from your damaged smart-card to replacement smart-card.

After you receive Z3X Replacement Smart-Card, you have to contact Z3X developers team:

  • create a request on Q2A
  • or write an email to sales@z3x-team.com

In your request you should indicate:

  1. serial numbers of both old and new smart-card
  2. activations which must be moved
  3. date of successful work done of damaged smart-card using credits (sever connect)
  4. or, if you don't have a credit account, date of last action downloading (firmware, program updates)
  5. and as well add a picture of Z3X box/dongle and damaged smart-card.

If you need to move your credit account with this activation too, provide information that will prove it belongs to you:

  1. login name
  2. approximate date of buying
  3. refill date and count
  4. few phone models that were unlocked with the login
  5. your IP etc.
This smart-card can be purchased only by customers with not serviceable Z3X smart-card and box/dongle which was started last time not later than 6 months ago. Banned or lost boxes are not included in this list.

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