Samsung firmware number explanation

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How to know what are your phone ware versions

Every time you make a new software update there is a firmware number that appears. There is the number of your device and the other part contains some information about it software and hardware parts. To know what are your phone ware versions, type on the phone keypad:

  • Firmware ver: *#1234#
  • S/W ver: *#1111#
  • H/W ver: *#2222#

A code to test all your phone capabilities (screen, sound, sensors, ...):*#0*#

After typing the firmware version code you will get 3 different kinds of information. For example, the phone shows:

  • PDA: N7000XXKKA
  • PHONE: N7000XXKK5
  • CSC: N7000OXAKK9

A bit more details about the concepts:

  • PDA - The operating system with its programs and settings included.
  • PHONE - The modem firmware file, parts of which are required to access the hardware.
  • CSC (Consumer software customization) - The regional settings applied which may install additional programs as well as provider-specific settings (APN).

It’s important to know this number, as to know if you got the latest update or which update can have bugs in it.

Let’s take an example.


What does N7000XXKKA mean?


Now that you know what model you have, here is the complementary information provided by Samsung:

Sales Codes for Latin America Code Country Carrier

  • ALE Ecuador Alegro
  • ANC Uruguay Antel
  • ARO Argentina open
  • BBE Ecuador unknown
  • BPC Panama unknown
  • BTA Brazil unknown
  • BTM Brazil unknown
  • BVE unknown BVE
  • BVO Bolivia open
  • BVT Bolivia Tigo
  • CDR Dominican Republic Claro
  • CEN Puerto Rico unknown
  • CGU Guatemala Tigo
  • CHB Chile unknown
  • CHE Chile Entel PCS
  • CHF Uknown CHF
  • CHL Chile Claro
  • CHO Chile open
  • CHT Chile Telefonica
  • CHV Chile CHV
  • CHX Chile CHX
  • COB Columbia Movistar
  • COD Columbia Avantel
  • COE unknown COE
  • COL Columbia COL
  • COM Columbia Comcel
  • COO Columbia open
  • CPA Panama Claro
  • CRC Costa Rica Claro
  • CRM Costa Rica Movistar
  • CST Dominica unknown
  • CTI Argentina Claro
  • CTP Paraguay Claro
  • CTU Uruguay Claro
  • CWW Jamaica CWW
  • DCN Dominica unknown
  • DGC El Salvador unknown
  • DGT Venezuela Digicell
  • DOR Dominica Orange
  • EBE Ecuador EBE
  • ECO Ecuador open
  • EON Ecuador EON
  • ICE Costa Rica ICE/Kolbi
  • IUS Mexico Iusacell
  • JBS Jamaica unknown
  • JCN Jamaica unknown
  • JCW Jamaica unknown
  • JDI Jamaica JDI
  • MNX Mexico Nextel
  • MVL Venezuela MVL
  • NBS South America Open Line
  • PBS Panama PBS
  • PCI Puerto Rico unknown
  • PCS Guatemala unknown
  • PCT Puerto Rico PCT
  • PCW Panama Cable & Wireless
  • PEB Peru unknown
  • PEO Peru open
  • PET Peru PET
  • PGU Guatemala Claro
  • PNT Unknown PNT
  • PSN Argentina Personal
  • PSP Argentina PSP
  • PVT unknown PVT
  • SAM Peru SAM
  • SEM Mexico open
  • TBS El Salvador unknown
  • TCE Mexico Telcel
  • TDR Dominican Republic Viva
  • TGP Argentina TGP
  • TGU Guatemala Movistar
  • TMM Mexico Movistar
  • TMR Brazil unknown
  • TNX unknown TNX
  • TPA Panama open
  • TPR Puerto Rico unknown
  • TTT Trinidad and Tobago open
  • UFN Argentina Movistar
  • UFU Uruguay Movistar
  • UNE Mexico Unefon
  • UPO Paraguay open
  • UVC Argentina unknown
  • UVE Argentina unknown
  • UVI Brazil unknown
  • UWT Panama unknown
  • VMT Venezuela VMT
  • VNO Venezuela open
  • VOX Unknown VOX
  • ZTA Brazil Claro
  • ZTM Brazil TIM
  • ZTO Brazil open
  • ZTR Brazil Oi
  • ZVV Brazil VIVO

The multi-csc code is a special code that does identify a specific country or vendor. The following table identifies the known multi-csc codes.

Multi-CSC codes Code Notes
  • UVC Includes CTP
  • UVY Includes IUS
  • UWE Includes PGU
  • UWM Includes CGU, COL, TGP
  • UWT Includes BVO

A multi-csc device is a separate case. Not all devices support changing the csc code. If you have a multi-csc device, there are two ways to change the CSC code:

Enter *#06# in the phone dialer to obtain the IMEI number for the device. You can then enter *#272*Device IMEI# to select a specific carrier product code. If your Samsung device does not return a menu, it is not a multi-csc enabled device. Install an CSC changer app, such as the "Phone INFO" app. CSC changer apps do require root access, and they do not work on all phones and all versions of Android.

Warning!! Changing the CSC code forces a factory reset. You must backup your device, before making the change. This list contains all known country / product codes for Latin America. The code is also referred to as the sales code or region code, which is not correct.

On most devices with a phone dialer, you can retrieve the firmware codes by enter *#1234# in the phone dialer. You do not need to press the call button, as the Samsung device should immediately return the three firmware codes. On other devices, you can usually find the firmware codes in the "System->About device" menu. The region code is actually the two character code after the model number in the AP and CP firmware codes. The country / product code is the three characters after the model number in the CSC firmware code.

The country / product code should really be called a product code, as the code serves multiple purposes. The product code falls into the following categories:

Open, or unbranded, codes are not related to a specific cell phone company. It is considered unbranded, because the boot screen is the Samsung boot screen, and contains only the apps distributed by Samsung. While many of these codes end in the letter "O" (ARO, CHO, PEO, ZTO), others do not (TPA, TTT). In counties with an open product code, Samsung is the primary driver of the certification process. The open product code normally release a firmware update before branded product codes. A branded product code is for a specific cell phone company. The branded product code usually has the vendors boot screen, and vendor apps. If the country / product code has not released a firmware update, the table identifies them as unknown. For active codes, the table shows the name of the actual cell phone company, or the product code. With no official list from Samsung, the identification of carriers depends on help from readers of this article. New codes occasionally appear that are clearly part of the Latin America region, but are not identified in any list of codes. These unknown codes are normally branded codes. These are valid product codes. If your Samsung device has one of these sales codes, you can help providing the missing information. There are a few multi-csc codes that are shown in a separate table. These codes are group codes used to simplify the release process. Not all countries, or all carriers, support the multi-csc codes. These codes may be branded or unbranded.

In the first three categories, the product code is a sales code, as it identifies the source of the firmware release. If it is a multi-csc code, you need to look elsewhere for the actual sales code. The "Phone INFO" app provides a wealth of information about your phone, including all the firmware codes and a detailed breakdown of the CSC information. You can also use a "Terminal Emulator" app, and enter the following command: cat /system/csc/sales_code.dat

The data in this file, should identify the actual sales code for your device. Firmware and ROM both are the same name, sometimes we call it firmware, sometimes ROM, or sometimes Combination file, in technical language we call ROM / FIRMWARE.

This combination firmware is available only for Samsung Android devices. Also firmware available in Paid Z3X tool

If you have combination firmware, then no need to buy any paid tool to remove FRP lock, resolving the issue of your device. Simple flash with COMBINATION FIRMWARE, and after that flash via STOCK ROM.

STOCK ROM: is a default firmware, that is built in by device manufacturer. That also can be downloaded from forums or by google it.

Combination ROM Advantages:

  • It helps you to repair IMEI number in some models like S7 S7 Edge S6 S6 Edge…
  • It's very useful in bypass Samsung account in too many models.
  • It's very useful in bypass Google account in too many models.
  • It's very useful for downgrade in some models.
  • It helps you to enable USB debugging.
  • It helps to remove any security FRP / Reactivation Lock from Samsung like 2016-2017

It’s important to know combination file number, as to know if you got the latest update or which update can have bugs in it. Let’s take an example. Combination file details, how to check version, date, android version.


  • OXM=CSC build = [OXM]
  • FA80=Android version = [Android 8]
  • G960F=Phone model = [G960F]
  • XXU2= Version and security BIT = [XXU,BIT2]
  • ARG2= Date of release and revision = [July 2018, revision 2]
Android version Year of release Month of release Revision
FA81=Android 8.1 R=2018 A=January 1=Revision 1
FA80=Android 8 Q=2017 B=February 2=Revision 2
FA70=Android 7 P=2016 C=March 3=Revision 3
FA60=Android 6 O=2015 D=April 4=Revision 4
FA51=Android 5.1 N - 2014 E=May 5=Revision 5
FA50=Android 5.0 M - 2013 F=June 6=Revision 6
FA44=Android 4.4 L - 2012 G=July 7=Revision 7
FA43=Android 4.3 K - 2011 H=August 8=Revision 8
FAJP=Android JB J - 2010 I=September 9=Revision 9
FTMA=Tizen I - 2009 J=October A=Revision 10
H - 2008 K=November B=Revision 11
G - 2007 L=December C=Revision 12
F - 2006 D=Revision 13
E - 2005 E=Revision 14
D - 2004 F=Revision 15
C - 2003
B - 2002
A - 2001