Direct READ codes

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This function can successfully read the code stored in the phone.
Code reading is considered to be a safer method of unlocking, which has at least 2 positive moments. First of all, nothing except reading operations takes place during the unlock code calculation process. So if you're not writing anything into phone's memory, you don't risk to burn incorrect data into the critical parts of the memory that can cause phone's malfunctions.
Especially it is critical if it's hard to find firmware or a flasher for a certain phone model in order to fix it after the unsuccessful attempt of direct unlocking.
Second, writing into the flash memory with direct unlock will void the phone's warranty. It's just that phone servicing software during the unlocking process modifies certain protected parts of the memory that is typically unreachable for the user. Usually, techs from authorized servicing centers can tell if the phone was flashed with third-party tools.