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When trying to enter an unlock code, the message "Phone frozen" is displayed.
In this case, you will need a Freeze code (MCK code) to solve the problem of freezing the message on your phone.

Video Guide: How to enter the freezing and network codes on your Samsung android phone - watch our Z3X youtube channel

MCK = DEFREEZE = Defrost - various designations for the "defrosting" code, which are necessary if you have entered an incorrect unlock code (NCK=Network Lock=PIN) by mistake and the device does not accept the correct code. This is not an unlock code - it is a so-called "reset code". After entering this code, the phone will display the message "successful" and then ask you to enter the unlock (NCK=PIN) code again.

It is important to note that Samsung phones do not have a menu where you can check the number of unlock code attempts. Therefore, if you have a used device in your hand, it is impossible to know whether unlock codes have been entered before or not.

P.S. NETWORK PUK code = freeze code.

Freeze code

To input the freeze code:

  1. Switch on the phone with an unaccepted SIM card.
  2. The message "Phone is frozen / SOS" ("Network PIN Blocked") appears on the screen*
  3. Type the Freeze code (there may be nothing shown on the display)
  4. Press the Enter button (unlock)
  5. The phone will ask for the Network lock code
  6. Enter it from your Samsung Tool software.
  7. The phone will be unlocked
*In some cases, there is no message for PUK, try to enter both anyway. 

This should successfully solve your phone freeze problem and unlock your Samsung phone to any GSM network.