EasyJTAG eMMC Manager Addon

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EasyJTAG eMMC Manager Addon

EasyJTAG Box Addon Aka Android eMMC Explorer [Forensic Tool]

What is Android Explorer ?
Android Explorer is a tool for browsing Android filesystem (EXT4) from eMMC Dump or from directly connected eMMC Card or phone PCB!
What a general usage of this tool ?
Android Explorer allows you to extract some imortant data without dumping full image like a user photos or contacts2.db file. You can extract any other important data or simple explore android filesystem structure.
Suppoted functions:

  • ISP connection or full dump browsing
  • Support EXT2 , EXT3 , EXT4
  • Extraction single files or group of files
  • Support GPT disk partitioning ( Samsung Method)
  • Support MBR disk partitioning ( HTC Method)

In next updates:

  • Support of NVIDIA / TEGRA / Mediatek partitioning.
  • Encryption and ACL support for EXT4.
  • Direct Export Contacts all logs etc in CSV,XLS file.
  • Recovery Deleted / Corrupted data from EXt4 Journal.