EasyJTAG Hardware

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There are two box EasyJTAG box generations.

Please check our main products:

 During the last months, there have been questions about the color scheme of Easy-JTAG Plus. We want to clear this question. 
 All official Easy-JTAG Plus out from factory black color.
 Not exist any other color of boxes made by z3x-team.

If you have seen, have tried other boxes, this possible only if someone has changed housing or paint housing.
But you have to know that any manipulation with boxes like opening will case warranty lose.
So our suggestion like usually.
Buy any z3x-products only from the official reseller. List of resellers here: https://z3x-team.com/where-to-buy/

Also, there is a wide list of accessories provided on market by Z3X and our friends.