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LG Tool

LG tool

Z3X LG Tool is a tool for unlocking and gathering information from several different brands of phones running Android. Despite its name suggesting LG only, it currently supports LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Sharp, ZTE, Lenovo and Blackberry devices.

The main layout of the Z3X LG Tool is organized into tabs depending on what you'd like to accomplish. You can use the tool to dump, flash, and perform service functions on devices.

The application will display information about your device such as IMEI number, unlock status on several levels including network lock, subset lock, corporate lock, sim card lock, etc.

LG Tool can also read and write several variables related to locking, flashing, IMEI reset/repair, file system and more.

Finally, Z3X LG Tool can be used to perform paid unlocking service on your handset ( Credits ).

Overall, Z3X LG Tool is a little more complicated and should be used by advanced users only.

LG Tools features and highlights:

  • Qualcomm, Infineon, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, MTK, and SEMC platforms are supported.
  • Alphabetical phone model selection or selection by platform from Z3X Shell.
  • Auto displaying information about required cable for each model selected.
  • Auto displaying information if the phone must be connected with battery or without it.
  • Multi-Language interface.
  • Configuration files exchange between the users.
  • Uses flash files in the original format (only UMTS).
  • Automatic login to support area from Z3X Shell (Support Button)
  • Smart Card firmware online update.
  • Loading news from the server about update versions and plans.

Pre-Requirements to use Z3x LG Tool:

To start using our products you need:

  • Windows-based PC*
  • Cable to connect your phone and computer
  • Turn Off the Anti-Virus and Windows Defender on your Windows PC**

*Recommended Specifications

  1. CPU equivalent to Intel 2GHz processor or higher
  2. RAM of 2GB or more
  3. HDD with 1GB of available space
  4. 32-64-bit operating system of Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10

Important: Internet access is recommended for product activation and component catalog download.

**Software packed (protected) and some antivirus can be blocked because they are not available or suspicious of code.

Useful and important links:

  1. Video instructions at youtube
  2. Service Support Forum
  3. Where to buy