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If you get the error "403 forbidden" when downloading anything from the support site, it may be due to several reasons - problems with connection and software or banned IP-address.

Here are some features using Z3X software :

  • you can download files from support only from your pc with attached box or dongle.
  • you can't share the link.
  • you can't download link from other customers.
  • you can download only files related to your connected card activation - if you have a Samsung box connected, you can download only files from the Samsung folder. Same with JTAG or LG

IP can be banned because of using a cracked version on that IP before, or other problems on the user side, like:

  • the problem in need real IP without proxy
  • may need to check with your firewall settings, gateway settings, etc
  • try a different browser and a different PC
  • clear cookie
  •  ?login to the site with your login and pass and all will ok?
  • this may be ISP problem not from z3x server. Wait until refresh/restart your ISP server, or you can inform to your ISP about it
If you can download via VPN - then your IP banned.
Create a ticket by asking a question on our support site or send email to sales @z3x-team.com with details of card SN and IP and they can unban it.

A few tips from users:

“Update your browser manually and try once more, sometimes this happens with old Mozilla.”

“I was able to download using the download button on the app itself, but not in Shell. I chose via browser and it works.”

“Every time I used z3x for prevention I disable antivirus including firewall and disable anti-malware, with those disabled I can work worry-free of problems. If your problem persists delete the hosts file located in C:/windows/System32/driver/etc/hosts. Try again.”

There is the same engine for every user on site.

A large number of downloads from cracked software increases the load on the server and in order not to provide poor-quality services to our clients, we have decided to ban those who act not honestly. Because if the problem will happen, this will touch every user.